We know that payment is one of important steps of your purchasing process. Normally, E-commerce websites will allow payments from credit cards and banks through payment gateways from all over the world. But still, some are limited and only available in some specific countries. So, it is very necessary to have a payment support for your global customers.

WooCommerce Plugin is compatible with ClassifiedEngine (CE). You can utilize this plugin to activate multiple gateways at once thus, your customers can freely choose which one is appropriate for them.

CE 1.8 WooCommerce supports 115 payment gateways, which lets customers use different gateways to process their business transactions. In WooCommerce Extensions library, you can easily download free gateways like: Amazon Payment, PayFast… and also purchase premium ones such as: PayPal, Stripe… The choice is yours.


Integrating ClassifiedEngine with WooCommerce ‘s payment gateways is just our first step of updating our product in hope of providing users and customers both usability and satisfaction. Please keep following our blog to see more update for ClassifiedEngine.

The Upcoming Update

For the next versions of ClassifiedEngine, we will introduce to you our next implementation: Coupon and Report in WooCommerce
We hope that you can find these info useful and continue supporting us in the future.

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