Like every other year, every other Due Date, again one Due Date came. we are cribbing for reason best known to us, do we need to crib, have we done any introspection.

But we get overjoyed like anything and flooded all the Professional Groups as if some great achievement done by seeking extension.

But how long, we keep doing such cribbing. Better let’s introspect

Why we Professional need to crib or seek or rather beg for Extension.

How this pleading for Extension every other day is tarnishing our image as Professional.

And most importantly, whether this Extension has helped either of us, mentally, physically or financially. Answer is clear cut NO

Now let’s anaylse

1. Why we seek Extension?
Have we left with Returns for those clients who submitted details well within time.

Answer is again NO. We are mostly stuck with Returns who either didn’t gave information properly or Woke Up at Last Moment.

Have we taken this extra stress for those who kept lingering in some decision and finally you had to bear this Stress for no fault of yours.

2. Financial Impact
Has this or any such Extension helped you Financially. Answer is NO.

In fact, it has affected all your Planning, you and your team has ended up doing same work for same fees at cost of some work which you had planned in extended time.

In fact, there is notional or rather actual loss that your team is forced to extend each of their Schedule just to accommodate some of the clients who are habitual late comers.

3. System Issues
Frankly, do you feel that I T System was at fault. Except for Aadhar linking, was there really big trouble as such. Answer is No

Even when you host party at home, can you handle, if all guests take plate at same time.

Do you expect Train at 6.15 to take load of all the offices that close at 6.

In our School days, whether all the classes were allowed to leave for home at exactly same time or in phased manner.

It goes without saying, answer is No.

Then why to expect I T System to work fully functional when whole country wants to file Return in last seven days only.

Do you employ your staff only for last seven days or pay them for all these 120 days from close of financial year.

Is it not wrong to expect I T System to work smoothly when whole India wants to file their Return only during last ten days.

1. Solution is there. Some hard decisions. Take data from clients in timely manner over a year and not in last month

2. Keep common trail of your e-mail to client asking for details throughout the year and more importantly from close of Financial Year till Due Date, so that any delay, he should not hold you responsible for being late

3. Keep differential pricing for clients who submit data in last month. Somewhat tough, but it will work, atlest from next year

4. Keep filing Returns which are ready. The way, we don’t employ staff just for last month, but whole year, expect same thing from Department. Don’t expect any system in the World to help you, if whole nation wants to file Return just in last one week

5. Last but not the least but important
If any system glitches are there or there are last moment changes or haphazard clarification, you need not rush asking for Extension.

Each industry, each trade has their Association, Trade Body, etc. Either they file for Extension or atleast they join hands in filing request for Extension. In most of the cases, none of the Trade Association join hands with Professional Body seeking for Extension.

For whom are we asking for Extension. Not for us, not for Government. We are asking for Extension for clients whose returns are affected and delayed for either fault of client or Government, but in any case, no fault of yours. Then why we, as Professional need to keep cribbing.


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