IBBI Debars a Chartered Accountant from practicing as Insolvency Professional, a tagline used by below mentioned website.

I, ca snehal kamdar, condemn the act of wrong and misleading message by website.

The order of IBBI states clearly Mr. Mukesh mohan an ip is ordered to not take further assignments. No where he is referred as chartered accountant in his order. Media needs to understand that insolvency profession is altogether different profession nothing to do with chartered accountant profession. To become eligible as Insolvency Professional, an eligible candidate has to appear for exam and clear the exam. Thereafter he is eligible member of IPA. IBBI has its own Code of conduct and measure of disciplinary action.

Publishing article as chartered accountant being debared from acting as Insolvency Professional is completely misleading. It is IP who has been ordered to not take further assignments till the final order on showcase notice issued to him is passed.

I, ca snehal kamdar, condemn such practice of publicising of news defaming chartered accountant profession. I have written mail to the website, which is reproduced below.

Members of ICAI who feels same can too Send messages to them.

Letter to taxscan:


Your website has publicised update on chartered accountant being debared to act as IP is completely misleading. 

No where in order it is mentioned that a  chartered accountant being debared to act as IP. It say Mukesh mohan an ip is ordered to not take further assignments. 

These type of wrong message, misleads the reader. Media is a strong tool to create awareness also it could be tool that damages image. I strongly condemn the use of the word Chartered Accountant in the article. 

I request to kindly change the content and re post with public apology for mistake that has happened. 



Email id on which I have sent is info@taxscan.in.


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