After Nimo fraud every day in media, a lot is being discussed, posted on auditors.

This is the burning issue for auditors, why the profession is blamed everytime when something goes wrong in Financial system.

We auditors guard the system not run the system.

Any negligence by Individual auditor should not be construed for fraternity as a whole.

If someone Individual is found guilty of negligence, he or she or firm could be punished. But what is happening presently is whole profession is blamed.

I have an appeal to all chartered accountants that today our profession is passing by the though time. We have to understand that if we don’t unite now we will have to face the aftermath.

we should avoid writing on social media anything which is tarnishing image of profession.

Discussion on individual case is always good. But blaming fraternity as a whole is something unacceptable and all of us needs to avoid.

Presently the aura around our profession is very negative. We should not add more negativity to it.

It is my humble request to all to avoid spreading negativity or posting without really understanding the impact on the profession.

We owe a lot to our profession, we are known because of it. We should try to bring the back the lost glory to the profession.

Lets vow to bring back lost glory and we will not leave any stone unturned for it.

LET’S take steps together to rebuild positivity in our profession and partner in nation building.

Our profession is sacred to us. Let ALL know about it. We may have differences amongst us but when the call is against profession we need to unite and raise our voice.

Let the voice be heard and heard a loud.


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