Dear Readers of my blog,

I , CA SNEHAL KAMDAR, have created these digital platform for myself.

In my digital transformation journey , I permit  my chartered  accountants colleagues to use these platform for the benefit of our profession.

Nowadays our profession has become more challenging than ever. This is because of digitalisation, change in laws  and above all , we are always short of right talent to execute the work at our office.There has always been high expectation from a Chartered Accountant by the client. But the infrastructure at the Chartered Accountant disposal, to deliver to client expectation, within the fixed consideration takes a heavy toll on all of us.

We are the partner in nation building as well as building the clients organisation. We are the one, on whom the client trust and rely, for decision making in most  cases.

We are the professional with highest level of integrity and having the knowledge in depth on professional related subjects. In a desire to excel and provide client the services ,we  often  take  stress on ourselves. I have created the platform for reducing the stress level. has two parts, one knowledge share platform and other network platform.

Knowledge share platform has blogs, groups,videos and downloads section, where information and data required for professional update is available.

At blog section, the blog are compiled by myself(CA SNEHAL KAMDAR) written by experts and others.

Group section is designed in similar manner as we use google groups or yahoo groups.

At Videos Section We have tutorials on various subjects useful for Chartered Accountants.

We have Download section where the material useful for Chartered Accountants would be available.

Network platform aims to meet the demand and supply of CA. The Platform aims to build infrastructure for a CA by timely and professionally delivering the services to the client.This Platform can assist the SMP CA to grow there practices, avail service of Chartered Accountants and implement best practices in its organisation.

At you will be able to post your availability as well as post project to be executed. The system will send you automated reminders incase there is offer to your posting. You will also be able to check out opportunites posted of your preferences.

We have inbuilt Private chat box and also Friendship option similar to FB.

The platform has been built, to give the competitive edge to SMP CA by updation of knowledge on regular basis and by providing the opportunity to find the available specialised CA to execute the work.

I believe by having the access to knowledge bank and access to resources to execute work there would be reduction in stress.

These is the start of my journey toward transforming the SMP Practice to the worlds best practices.In these journey of transformation, I invite all Chartered Accountants  to join the platform, a digital revolution for SMP Chartered Accountant.

Wishing everyone the happy stress free journey in these professional world.

I am reacheable to all on 9869351460, email me on



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