*The Maharashtra Ownership Flat Act 1963*
[ *MOFA* ] Comes Into Force

According to Circular Dated 9th July 2016, Issued By The Maharashtra State Police Department, The Govt Has Implemented The *Maharashtra Ownership Flat Act-1963 ( MOFA) & the MRTP Act 1966..*
Accordingly Builders Are Liable To Be Jailed For 3 Years, 5 Years or 9 Years Depending Upon The Nature Of Violation Of The Act..

Some Of The Violations On Which Police Can Act Are As Under :
(1) Possession Of Flat Is Not Given On The Promised Date..

(2) Occupation Certificate Is Not Obtained Before The Date Of Possession..

(3) The BMC Approved Plan Is Not Displayed At The Site.

(4) On Receipt Of 20% Of The Cost Of Flat, If The Agreement Is Not Executed.

(5) If The Amount Received From The Buyer Is Not Deposited In Bank In Separate Account..

(6) If The Construction Is Not As Per The Approved Plan..

(7) If Application 4 Formation Of Housing Society Is Not Put Up Within 4 Months Of Giving Possession..

(8) If The Conveyance Of Land & Building Is Not Done Within 4 Months Of Registration Of The Society..

*Issued in Public Interest So That Society Members / Flat Buyers Know Their Rights & Are Not Cheated In Any Transactions..*


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